About us

Unicorner is a student magazine serving the student community of Łódź, Poland. Based at Społeczna Akademia Nauk/University of Social Sciences and Clark University, the magazine welcomes contributions from all students, from all universities and institutions of higher education in the city, and beyond. You can contact us via email at contact.unicorner@gmail.com


Artur Odwald

An employed student with writing aspirations. Spent a few years in Ireland, then a few more in Denmark. Interested in literature, IT, and translations (vagueness intended).

Graphics Editor

Daria Głaz

An ordinary student and ASPIRING artist, mostly interested in illustration and digital painting.

Editorial Board

Anna Stolarek

A devoted student, constant worrier and self-proclaimed procrastinator. There are no topics that I deem too weird or controversial. I like weird and apparently weird likes me back. When I sit down and write I let go of my mundane worries, that I am dealing with at the current moment. It also allows me to put things into better perspective. “Oh, this person just lost his entire family in a car crash. And I was worrying about what again? Scheduling an appointment?” I try my best to write about topics that can be relatable to a lot of readers, but at the end of the day I like putting some interesting twists. I am very excited to be a part of this project and hopefully most of you will stick around!

Paulina Gozdalik

A student, a mother and a wife with full-time job in transport industry. Through writing I express my feelings and thoughts on various topics, focusing on the reality that surrounds me. Addicted to getting tattoos – lost count on how many I have many years ago. My favourite way to spend my free time is trekking in the mountains and conquering the most interesting peaks – so far my favourite ones are Gerlach (the highest point in the Tatras) and Kościelec. Lived in London for 4 years and now enjoying peaceful life in a beautiful village.

John Crust

Your average English instructor here, with a few detours along the way – newspaper reporter, some agricultural work, bookseller.