Five TV Shows to binge watch during summer break

By Daria Gałązka

Bored? Need new entertainment? Already watched the whole Internet? I’ve got something for you: five must watch TV shows during the hot weeks of summer. Some will cool you down – remember, winter is coming; some will hunt you in your sleep – the night brings danger; some entertain as we all like to enjoy someone else’s lives; some teach hacking skills and some just bring a smile on your beautiful face. Take a quick look, and if you have your own list of Five TV shows… don’t forget to share it with us. Enjoy watching!

  1. Mr Robot –  Thriller

    (2015-2019) by Sam Esmail

    One of my absolute favorite shows, no doubt, and one of the most impressive ones. Also, the soundtrack is worth mentioning. Never have I in my life heard something more mysterious, something that would make me feel that scared, heart-broken, misunderstood and alone at the same time while watching a TV Show. The soundtrack written and recorded by Mac Quayle deserves a shit ton of awards itself. Ever had a proper heart attack? Well, while watching this show you will have one, I can guarantee you that. Even though having a heart attack while watching a TV show may not seem encouraging at least you are assured that following the plot will give you numerous emotions, even sleepless nights, if you find yourself identifying with one or two characters too much. That happened to me, and, to be honest, I don’t regret it. And when a TV show leaves you absolutely breathless, you know you’ve made the correct decision to start it.

    The main character, Elliot Anderson, is a cyber-security tech, but when it gets dark outside he becomes a hacker. A full-time, dangerous type of a hacker. But are his intentions bad? No. Does he get lost in his actions? Yes. Besides that, he also suffers from some kind of disease similar to schizophrenia and is a drug user. Combining all of that you will get an unstable, mysterious, sometimes heart-warming guy, who happens to get associated with other hackers, a special hacking group, F-Society, to be precise. With Darlene, Mr. Robot, Angela, and few more friends by his side, he tries to face and save the current world which he lives in. What happens next and what exactly Elliot’s brain hides from the viewer? You better find out yourself! Without giving you any spoilers, the ending is 100% worth your time.

    Similar to Mr Robot  – Westworld, Black Mirror, Legion

  2. Family Guy – Animated, comedy

    (1999 – today) by Seth MacFarlane, David Zuckerman

    If you like to laugh, don’t get offended by dark humor, and, in general, like to hear political in-corrected, sick and twisted jokes and conversations then this show is for you. I like it, A LOT. You know, after a long day at work, when you’re in a bad mood and want to kill everyone who breathes a little too loud, a show like this is perfect. While watching it, you can completely forget about the surrounding world, about your issues, simply because the family which we’re watching has a problem, a joke about the problem, and a solution to solve the problem in every single episode. Don’t get me wrong, the show is not about A PROBLEM. It’s more like watching a little dysfunctional family, who isn’t really dysfunctional. The Griffin family, I would say they are a modern family, with a bit of an exaggerated life, a family who shows us, sometimes in an over-egged way, a view of the society, parenting. Even in the theme song you have “It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV. But where are those good old-fashioned values on which we used to relay?” . Well, they are right in this TV show, and they are presented in a great way.

    Peter, the father and a bit of an ignorant, lives a simple life in a town on Rhode Island with his stay-at-home wife Lois, who is the model of a loving and caring mother every mother should be. They have three children: Meg, the oldest one and an only daughter, who is the family’s scapegoat. The one who is done with them, doesn’t really care about their sometimes unpopular opinions and actions, but still loves her family. The mid child is Chris, super awkward, goofy, incapable of having any proper relationship with the girls, he according to his mother, made their washing machine pregnant by non-stop masturbation. The youngest one is Stewie, the genius. A baby, who talks and acts as an adult, his life mission is to kill his mother, escape his stultifying family and destroy the world. My second favorite character, besides Peter, of course, is the talking dog – Brian. Brain is a dog who acts as if he were a human. He’s Peter and Stewie’s best friend, and, besides that, he fancies Lois. Doesn’t the description sound fun? I think so. If you’d like to check out how their life really looks – do it now, don’t hesitate!

    Similar to Family Guy Our Cartoon President, The Simpsons, South Park

  3. Keeping Up with the Kardashians Reality TV show

    (2006 – today) by E!

    My ultimate guilty pleasure. When you think your life is a bit boring, or you’re just fed up with everything, try watching a reality TV show. For some people, watching it is stupefying, but, to be honest, as long as you don’t take everything you see on the screen too serious, there’s nothing to worry about. Sometimes I like to compare my life, or even imagine that I live my life, on a similar standard to theirs, and even if that doesn’t look like it would have a positive impact on me, it does, indeed. No matter how scripted the episodes are after finishing one, I feel fulfilled; I fulfilled my desire of being a millionaire. Since the chance of me having millions of dollars in my bank account is very little, watching a TV show like that makes me believe that, you know, if that family got stupidly famous all thanks to Kim’s “leaked” sex tape, I can become a millionaire as well without putting too much effort in the process and not having to have any impressive talent. All jokes aside, but watching someone’s life is entertaining, no matter how you approach the reality TV show topic. Personally, I love the Kardashians, and as stupid as you may think it is, the more drama in “KUWTK” the more I like it.

    The plot follows the life of the Kardashian-Jenner clan – Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Kholé, Kendall, Kylie, Rob and Bruce – later on Caitlyn; we get a peek into their everyday lives, the drama, only celebrity-exclusive events and more. Even though things in the Kardashian-Jenner family are always greatly preplanned, most of the time they take an unexpected turn, not always putting the family first. But the clan stays the clan, the family is always first in the end, no matter how many dramas and fights there may be. That’s what I like, the DRAMA. As the family grows, we watch each Kardashian and Jenner girl become more independent; we watch them grow their careers, their brands and basically change the world of entertainment. If you like to spend your time watching someone else’s life, this one is for you, don’t miss it!

    Similar to Keeping Up with the KardashiansThe Osbournes, Jersey Shore, Girls Next Door

  4. Game Of Thrones – Fantasy/adventure

    (2011-2019) by David Benioff, D.B. Weiss

    Boy, oh boy… if you knew me in person, you’d know we would have a life-long conversation about this show. My favorite, my holy grail, and, to be honest, no matter how much the ending dissatisfied me, I will love this show ‘till my last days. Based on fantasy novels by George R.R Martin this TV show will blow your mind instantly. You know, when you find your new favorite type of morning coffee, you just can’t stop drinking it, and when you finally stop and try something new, your body rejects the new type and demands the one that changed the game of your morning coffee. This happens here, but with a TV show. What this show did for me is, it basically showed me what the priority of life should be, what should be the most important, and made me realize that I shouldn’t be blinded by the thing I fear the most – if I continue to focus on that, there will always be something worse to come, and, unless I focus on the greater good, start to think wisely, that fear will eventually eat me from the inside. Don’t know if it was in the writer’s intentions, but since everybody can interpret things as they understand them, this is my understanding of the plot as a whole. What I also need to mention is the soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi – amazing. Both this one and “Mr Robot” have the best thrill I’ve ever head in a TV soundtrack. “Light of the Seven” will be played on my funeral, that’s how good it is.

    You find yourself in the middle of an on-going fight for the throne of Westeros, a very deadly one. But there’s something more, the danger doesn’t come only from the control-seeking families. The unknown is yet to discover… the ancient enemy, the one who wants its power back. Conflicts between the families, love, hate, destruction, tragedy, forgiveness and tears, a lot of tears (especially if you like Starks the most) – these are the words I would use to explain the plot. All the events seem to be too complicated to describe, but after watching a few episodes, you will spot that all of them create a cohesive whole. So, please, get watching the first episode – don’t be late, winter is coming soon.

    Similar to Game Of Thrones Vikings, The Witcher, Outlander

  5. I’ll Be Gone in the Dark – True crime

    (2020 – today) by Paul Haynes, Lauren Orlando

    You like that spooky feeling when you’re listening to a story full of death? Well, I do, especially when it’s based on true events. I like to sit and imagine being in the middle of an investigation, hunting for a human beast, for a killer, someone who took the lives of those who couldn’t defend themselves. That’s very exciting. My favorite (God, it sounds like I admire them, I don’t, I promise) decades of serial killers are the ‘70s and ‘80s, when that “trend” or deviation, if you’re more comfortable with that word, really became big. My favorite killer HAS TO BE the Zodiac. He was the master of a crime, though his crimes weren’t perfect. There were countless tracks left behind, there were a few suspects but nothing seemed to be fitting well enough to charge anyone. And the situation looked the same with the Golden State Killer, or the EAR case, as it was firstly known. Clues, suspects, victims, everything you would possibly need to solve the case and close the investigation, and for over 30 years the killer and rapist stayed elusive, until Michelle McNamara found herself interested in the case.

    Based on a book of the same title and Michelle’s blog the TV series tells the story of how Michelle McNamara, a blog writer with the help of other jackleg investigators, started her own investigation. She would tell the story on her blog, she would travel to places to see with her own eyes the murder scenes, she would talk to police officers who used to work on the case, she would dig as deep as possible to find and connect tracks that weren’t connected before; she was so consumed by her own little probe that it led to her own death. In the TV series, we experience the hunt of one of the most dangerous beasts in U.S history; we become the investigators. Want to know how it all ended? Check it out.

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