Zwierzalnia – July 17, 2020

Life can be crazy sometimes. It’s a common fact of life. We may not know a lot of things as we venture into the world that is our future, but one thing’s for certain. Nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes. Some are borderline embarrassing, while others are straight up hilarious. Share with us your crazy/funny stories! We know you want to!

New stories will be published on Fridays.


One day I went to the store to buy a dress for my graduation party. For the past couple of days I didn’t sleep well so I was like a walking zombie, scouring through many clothing pieces to find something I liked. Eventually I picked a couple of dresses, went to the dressing room, tried them on, picked the one I wanted and headed out. With my head down (as I was low-key nodding off) I noticed someone already standing close to the cash register, so assuming that she was in the line I stood behind her to await my turn. About 10 minutes in, to my annoyance, I realized that I was standing next to a mannequin.


This didn’t happen to me but I remember this story vividly. About 3 years ago I was taking a very important exam at my uni, so needless to say I was very stressed out. The second we entered the examination room we had to put away our books, notes and give the professor our mobile phone, which we would receive back after completing our exam. Everyone followed the rules except this one girl. About 10 minutes into the exam I saw her sneakily searching for answers on her phone that she still had with her. I saw her clearly because she was in one row ahead of me. All of a sudden I heard a voice behind me say: “Show me your hands.”. I started freaking out on the inside wondering why would professor ask me such a thing. My hands were clearly on display. One on the desk and the second one holding the pen. Then it occured to me that he wasn’t talking to me but to that girl who sneaked her phone in. She timidly showed him her phone and tried to tell him that she was only looking at the time,which was the dumbest excuse that I have ever heard. Not listening to her excuses he told her that she has been disqualifed from taking the exam and asked her to leave the examination room. The room was super silent (which isn’t much of a surprise because we were writing an exam) so this just made the entire interaction even more awkward. She asked him if she could at least finish what she started writing. The professor started at her blankly before saying: “No you cannot.”. This reply just made her even more angry, but without uttering a single word she grabbed her bag, loudly stomped away and slammed the door so hard that everyone jumped in their seats. I will never forget this embarassing exchange.


I was out with a friend late at night and after feeling a little bit hungry we stopped by our local fast food restaurant that was still open. We ate our food, talked a little and generally enjoyed each other’s company. Suddenly the door swung open and a drunk guy entered the restaurant. To my surprise my friend recognized him and invited him over to our table. He must have been a childhood friend of his or something. He wanted to order a sandwich and a beer. The waitress told him that she will take his order but she won’t be able to give him any beer (considering that he was already insanely drunk). When the waitress arrived with his food he tried to reassure her that he wasn’t that drunk. To prove his point he polished the entire sandwich without causing any mess. Too bad he forgot to take off the aluminum foil.