Summer! Yeah!

By the Unicorner Editorial Board

Exams are through. Summer is really, truly, finally here. Some of us may already be on that much needed vacation. Others are counting days, waiting for those precious days off. After months of being in pretty well nonstop work mode, with the last few weeks at high speed, we all feel the need to slow down.

Student magazines usually function only through the semesters. If we wanted to follow this practice, we would be coming back in October. However, we do not want to shut down completely, even only for three months, but we understand that maintaining a strict schedule would just not work.

We still want to be able to share our works with you. We hope that without the schedule, we will be able to focus more on the quality of our articles. We are still here, in Łódź, and we hope to stay in touch with you, before we see each other again, in full force, in October.

Have a great summer, and stay tuned. And, thank you for your support in this first semester of our existence. We look forward to bigger and better things in the fall.