Ridiculous things we believed in when we were children

By Anna Stolarek

When we were kids, our imaginations ran wild. It didn’t help that our parents, among other people, suggested things that turned any innocent little something into lurking monstrous experiences ready to happen anytime.

Believe it or not, there was a time when we were really naive and, as a result, we took everything at face value. We never questioned anything because there was no point of doing that. Magical things just happened and that is all we needed to know. Those were the days… No hardcore exams. Just monsters and every imaginable terror (or thrill, if we were lucky) that could destroy us, or certainly unleash serious havoc, turning life upside down.

It is undeniable that we all believed in bizarre things when we were really young. But now when we look back we can laugh about such things, because we finally see everything from a much clearer perspective. A perspective that recognizes how ridiculous and how dumb these things sound now. One thing is certain: we were often weird kids! Time to sit down, buckle up and enjoy this nostalgic ride.

Here is a list of five things we believed in when we were children:


As I am sure you know, this is a very popular myth that is still, interestingly enough, circulating around to frighten new generations. Most people I know, admitted that at one point in their lives they actually believed this folktale to be true, and, to be honest I was one of those people also. What is more amusing, is the fact that most of us were not really tricked by others into believing it. We just kind of assumed that it was true, because it seemed like the most logical thing. You plant a seed, you water it and something will grow out of it. Humans consume water on a daily basis, so it is only a matter of time before the seed is going to sprout. This just comes to show how remarkably extraordinary our imagination was back then.


If you are going to say right now that you never once thought that a scary looking monster lived under your bed, who was just waiting all this time for an opportunity to grab you by the ankle, then you are probably in denial. This was the biggest nightmare of any kid. Well that, and one of your parents leaving you alone for a moment in a till queue just when you are about to get all of your items scanned by a cashier lady, but you are not the one who has the money to pay for the groceries. Absolutely frightening. Anyway, back to monsters. Thankfully, each child had a reliable monster repellent. A blanket. Just cover yourself with a blanket from head to toe, and your safety will be one hundred percent guaranteed. No monsters, burglars, kidnappers or ghosts would dare attempt to get near you if you keep it on you at all times.  


Another popular myth that is clearly not dying down anytime soon. I have actually witnessed a couple of young kids who would press the traffic light button and talk to it as if it were an intercom, kindly asking ‘people’ who supposedly work as the gatekeepers to grant them a safe passage. I have to say that it is quite a funny scene to see. Quite adorable, now that I think of it. Although they are completely unaware that no one is really listening to them, the fact that they are cordially requesting, instead of demanding passage is a very touching sight to see. One thing is certain: their parents raised them right!


I think we can all thank Toy Story and Child’s Play for that lovely imagery. I have to say that this is actually not a bad folk tale to believe in. After my uncle went to the cinema to watch Toy Story with his daughter, he praised the movie, stating that it taught children a very important lesson. A lesson to care more for their toys and be more mindful of them. A lovely sentiment that I agree with completely, but it completely goes out the window when the child wakes up in the middle of the night and sees one of their creepy porcelain dolls staring back at them with a murderous expression. I would not be surprised if this would scare them away from their toys for a little while. Cannot blame them though. Some dolls are just super creepy looking!


Last but not least, you cannot deny that when your parents talked in hushed voices you suspected that they were keeping a big secret that clearly had something to do with you. One of those secrets could have easily been that they found out via owl mail that you were a wizard or witch! I think we can all agree that living in a spooky magic school away from parents, having feasts every day and solving the mysteries of the castle is every kid’s fantasy! I am in my early twenties and still waiting for my official Hogwarts letter. I guess my owl got confused with the directions and could not reach me properly. Not to worry though, I can be very patient, and as we all know, patience is one of the traits of a Hufflepuff house. Yes, I took a legitimate quiz on Pottermore website and I can proudly say that I belong in Hufflepuff.  

I think it goes without saying that all of these things are only a tip of the iceberg. Do you think we left some important folk tales behind? What other things did you believe were true that were, in fact, not true at all? You can always leave your response to these questions on our Facebook or Twitter page. We would love to hear your story! And remember: avoid watermelon seeds at all cost! If you value your life it is better that you not risk it!