10 things to do whilst stuck at home

By Anna Stolarek

Coronavirus. Lockdown. Boredom. Coronavirus. Gradual re-opening. Play it safe. More boredom. Warnings of a second wave. More boredom. Netflix binging can only go so far…

The majority of the people most everywhere are bored out of their minds, as they have to stay at home to obey the rules that were set up by their countries. That does not mean that you have to feel this way! There is a fair number of people that may now wonder how to successfully fight off boredom. They are continuously trying to find the answer by digging deep, but the truth of the matter is that the answer they are desperately looking for is in front of their very own noses. If one wants to fight off boredom, the answer is quite simple: they should do something! But then again, it is easier said than done, right? Not when there are so many things that one can do.

Thankfully, there is no need to fret! I got you covered! Here is a list of 10 things to do whilst stuck at home:


Ordering regularly from fast-food chains ends now! Do not get me wrong, it is always nice helping out local businesses (especially at such trying times as these), but, as I am sure you know, life is all about balance. In the long run, your digestive system and your wallet will thank you. Learning how to cook meals from scratch may sound like a hassle to some, but once you put your own innovative spin on it, you may find some enjoyment in it. Who says that you have to follow each recipe method by the book? Where is the fun in that? Take creative liberties, add things that are not necessarily on the ingredient list. Who knows, perhaps after this is all over you will succeed at creating your very own recipe that will be passed onto future generations!


If you like challenging yourself, solving a puzzle is definitely one of the ways to go. A couple of weeks ago, I miraculously managed to solve a 1,000-piece puzzle. Granted, it took me a whole week to do it, but you would not believe the pure satisfaction I felt after putting that last piece of the puzzle into its  place. I think it is safe to say that most of us are really stressed at the moment. The world we once knew is undeniably changing in front of our very own eyes. When people feel stressed, their immediate response is to fix something to restore the so-called balance. In this particular case, a puzzle can be that “fix” to re-establish some semblance.


I can already sense some of you rolling your eyes, but I am very serious about this one. Besides, who says that you need a fully equipped gym to work out? What you really need is two things; a good wifi and a clear space. I recently found a YouTuber who goes by the name of Chloe Ting. Her channel focuses mostly on fitness and workouts that can be easily done in the comfort of your home. I have to admit, for a couple of years I kind of gave up on exercising altogether. Can you already guess my excuse? I told myself that I simply did not have the time. Well that changed. I am not waiting another year to put down exercising as my New Year’s resolution. It is time to challenge myself! You should try that, too!


Not only does learning a new language kill time, but it will surely open more doors for you in the future. We live in a world where communication is key to everything, so it should come as no surprise that foreign languages are expected more and more in the workplace. Moreover, is there a better time to start learning a new language than now?  If you are hesitating because you are convinced that you will never master any language, allow me to share a secret with you. No one will ever truly master a new language. Sounds harsh, but that is the honest truth. You and even people you admire for their language competency, will never be perfect, because one simply never stops learning. So stop putting yourself down. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I mean, look at me and my wonderful French! “Ja sais parler français.”- or something like that. It’ll work on a night on the town in Paris. It might even help you meet someone that night. If you are thinking that I used Google Translate to write that sentence then you are one hundred percent right. But hey, at least it’s a start!


When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? If you genuinely cannot remember, then perhaps now is the time to do it. Sure, it’s the 21st century, where everything is more high-tech, but that is still not a good enough excuse to fully abandon more traditional methods of sharing news. Writing a letter on that old-fashioned stuff – paper – is rather time consuming and you may make some spelling mistakes along the way, but the joy that recipient will feel after receiving such a letter will certainly make it all worthwhile. Putting time into such little things really shows the other person how much you care and think about them, as there is nothing more precious than showing your appreciation. So next time you want to message someone, instead of grabbing your phone, perhaps grab a nearby pen and paper!


After spending most of my time in my house, I am in desperate need of some changes. So much so, that I am seriously considering painting one of my bedroom walls and adding some nice stencil patterns. Of course, you do not have to go all out like that. Moving some furniture, re-arranging your books or adding some small houseplants around the house is just as good! Changing your environment can really improve your mood and induce that sense of self-accomplishment (especially if you are doing it all on your own). If you are also thinking about changing your decor, but you have no idea how to go about doing it, you can always go online to look for some inspiration. Remember, there is only one rule: have fun!


If you missed the annual spring clean, do not fret! It is never too late for some post-spring cleaning. If your wardrobe is on the verge of collapsing, due to all the clothes forcefully stuffed inside, then surely there is no better sign to do something about it. Once all your monstrous collection since diaper days is out, simply divide them into two categories: clothes that bring you joy and clothes that you don’t touch. If you own an expensive pair of trousers, but you don’t wear them anymore, there is no point in keeping them in your closet.  I understand that, at first it may seem difficult. After all, you paid for them with your hard-earned money. However, keeping things simply because they are expensive is not a good enough excuse, and if you continue to follow that ideology, you will never declutter all that clutter. Besides, you do not have to throw it out completely. Donating your clothes is never a bad idea. If something you have no longer brings you any happiness, allow others to put it to good use.


I am not much of a green thumb myself, as I cannot even take care of a small cactus, but gardening has been on my mind recently. As I am sure you know, you do not need a large plot of land to get started. To be honest, you do not need a garden at all. If you have a balcony, then you are good to go. Obviously, balconies differ significantly to real gardens in terms of the atmosphere, but as long as you are going to figure out a place where your plants can get just enough shade, sun, and wind, then surely, with time, you will get the hang of it. If you fail at first don’t get discouraged. As I said, I am still deeply mourning my cactus who left this world pre-maturely. A word of advice: do not overwater your plants.


A comfy couch, a nice bowl of popcorn and a snuggly blanket? Yes, please! What could be more heavenly that that. If you cannot go to the cinema, or don’t want to risk it, then you can simply bring the cinema to your home. Not only are you in a much more comfortable setting, where you can stretch your legs as far as you want, but you also do not have to pay a small fortune for a simple packet of munchies. You can also go one step further and create a fort! All you need is some big pillows, chairs, lots of blankets and voila! You have your very own personalized pillow fort! If you want to challenge yourself even further, go and watch each movie in alphabetical order and each snack that you bring with you has to begin with the same letter as the movie you are currently watching!  This is great fun with a friend, too. Good luck! I still cannot figure out a snack that begins with an X. Ah – x-tra large chocolate. (Hey, it’s your fun. Some cheating is allowed.)


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