Big dreams, no excuses

By Daria Gałązka

Everyone has dreams, everyone likes to have dreams, and I’m no exception, whether people want to open their own business, start a family, travel around the world, or build a house of their own. Maybe all of these dreams are not easy to push into reality, but are possible. Everything is possible when you really want it to happen. With a proper education, a diploma, you really can reach for the sky, but just this alone won’t fulfill everyone. People have their needs, no matter if it’s picking up new skills, moving out, or learning – or not learning – not overly exciting or necessary information. Everyone is different. There is no pattern of a dream that would suit everyone. But isn’t that the most amazing part of it all? Just finding your own way of life, dreaming, and catching your own path of dreaming, no matter how difficult it might be to meet up with reality.

One of my biggest dreams is to start my own company. As a woman with her own point of view on EVERYTHING, I don’t like to work just as a “worker”. In order to be productive and achieve the most success I can, I need to work on my own terms. Working in a job that I don’t even like just to be able to pay my bills is a waste of my time, and, to be realistic, it’s really hard or even impossible to get a job that would allow you to work the way you want.

Also, I want to have more time during the weekends for my hobbies and family. I live nearly 200 kilometers away from my family, so it’s not easy to meet up with them. In order to do so, I always need to plan ahead and figure out a balance, something of a sacrifice – my time off or my work. Neither of these options are easy to fit into a busy life. I love my family the most, but right now I can’t move closer to them because it’s pointless for me to change universities at the very end of my studies. When I finally get to leave Łódź and spend some time with them, I don’t have time to play my guitars or watch my favorite TV series, as they are my “escapes,” or whatever my therapist would call it; it really makes my mental health suffer. Indeed, everyone has to keep themselves sane. I guess one of my biggest dreams after graduation is to move closer to my family and have more time just for myself during the weekends.

Studies cost a lot of money. A lot. As a music enthusiast I do spend even more money on concerts, CDs, DVDs with my favorite shows, band merch, or just simply guitar equipment, all of which is stupidly expensive. But what can you do, when you love something this much as I do with music? After I graduate, I will be able to spend more money on bits and pieces that would help me expand my already huge collection, as well as allow me financially to attend more shows. Maybe, finally paying off my student debt will allow me to buy another guitar. I guess nothing will make me happier than having the ability to gain more equipment and support people I love.

In order to pursue these dreams, I will work hard, I will attend some business courses, and, most importantly, I will to continue to believe in myself, because I am able to achieve all of this. There is no other option.

Finding money to attend more courses, buy a house, or even a stupid guitar is not easy, and I will not sacrifice my ridiculously big shoe collection. I will not sell my clothes or CDs that I don’t really like anymore. Maybe I like to hold onto things a little too much, but, I don’t think it’s worth getting rid of things that give you happiness just to get another thing that will give you the same feeling. Working hard is the solution. Working hard and never giving up, believing in yourself and surrounding yourself with positivity, that’s the way to go. Getting the diploma may help me start my own company, but it won’t work if I’m not motivated.

It’s not about the exact plans on how to make something happen. I believe it’s about how hard you want it; plans can change or just simply not work out, but standing strong and always holding your head up will get you to your destination in life.

As you can see, I have big plans. I expect a lot out of myself. I do have a major fear of failure, but I won’t allow it to take over my head. I know I will achieve my goals, even though I know the road may not be a casual walk in the park. I am beyond determined. Maybe I will not be the next James Hetfield, or Jason Newsted, and maybe I will not write the next biggest guitar riff, have the most amazing house, or become the next greatest translator, but I will be fulfilled, and that’s the most important thing of all in this dreaming process.

Daria Gałązka is a student at Społeczna Akademia Nauk