‘If I get corona, I get corona…. I’m not gonna let it stop me from partying.’ Now he has a message for all of us.

By the Unicorner Editorial Board

He became the so-called poster kid of recklessness during this coronavirus pandemic.

As students were drinking and partying during their spring break in the United States, defying orders from health officials, university student Brady Sluder defiantly declared to a television news reporter: “If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I’m not gonna let it stop me from partying.” Many students in Łódź may have had similar thoughts. Understandably, Sluder is young. There were probably no lessons on anything like this in his university coursework. But, he quickly understood some actions and comments are simply not cool, if not outright dangerous. Tragically, young people have died after being exposed to the virus. The backlash was swift. He learned the hard way this is no minor cough or whatever.

In all fairness, there have been people much older, who truly should know better, who have also been acting, well, to put it bluntly, like idiots, or, to use a new term that is going around, covidiots. The stories keep mounting of such self-centred, arrogant individuals, and we won’t waste our space here listing some of the ridiculous things some people have been doing. For the most part, people now understand the severity of our predicament, and they’re doing their part to help in any way they can. That’s how we’re going to get out of this, by cooperating, by working together. Perhaps the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, put it most succinctly: “Listening is your duty and staying home is your way to serve.”  

If that sounds too much like a politician speaking, Brady Sluder had this to share on his Instagram post: “I would like to apologize for the insensitive comment I made in regards to COVID-19 while on spring break. I wasn’t aware of the severity of my actions and comments. I’d like to take this time to own up to the mistakes i’ve [sic] made and apologize to the people I’ve offended. Like many others, I have elderly people I adore more than anything in the world and other family members who are at risk, and I understand how concerning this disease is for us all. Our generation may feel invincible, like I did when I commented, but we have a responsibility to listen and follow the recommendations in our communities. I will continue to reflect and learn from this and continue to pray for our well-being. I deeply apologize from the bottom of my heart for my insensitivity and unawareness of my actions.”

Words worthy of listening to. Indeed, we’re all learning something. Stay safe.