Rada Studencka – April 10, 2020

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April 3, 2020 Answers

More and more people are learning in the university in the evening or at weekends to deal with a job they have. How can we find some free time to meet with friends or even learn?

  • Dear Overworked, most everyone can relate to your problem. It seems most of us find we don’t have enough time to get our work done, and find time for other things, like friends and just having a bit of fun and leisure. One question: How much time to you spend on the Internet, on social media, watching TV? A lot of us simply need to shut off some of life’s distractions. Learning to try to manage our time better is another possible solution. Do you have to do everything on a given day? What has priority? What can wait a bit? Remember, you don’t have to be perfect in everything. We sometimes fall into the trap of trying to be absolutely perfect in everything we do. If you need extra time to complete an assignment for class, talk to your instructor. Most instructors understand students today hold jobs and are now parents, supporting families. If you need an extra week or more to complete some task, your instructor will probably be quite understanding. The instructor may also feel overwhelmed, and welcome some student work coming in a little later.
  • Give up something. You can’t do it all. Lower the standards. If you were cleaning your house every week, well, maybe now it’s time to do it every other week, or just prioritize. Some things can wait. Our days have 24 hours and there’s no going around that. Time is a currency and the only way to have more, is to not spend it on things that don’t matter.

I am 20 years old and I think I have piles. I am too embarrassed to see a doctor. I don’t want him to see my anus. What should I do?

  • Dear Might Have the P’s, we’re not medical experts, and probably the best advice is to overcome your embarrassment and see a doctor. Nobody likes the idea of a stranger probing our ass or anywhere down south. But sometimes it has to be done. This could potentially start affecting your social life, and it could lead to other health issues. Go see a doctor. Doctors are professionals and will treat it professionally, without making any judgments.
  • It’s a tough topic for many, but that’s what specialists are for, to help us with specific issues. I understand your concerns. Not so long ago I was afraid of going to a gynecologist (turns out there was no need to worry). The pharmacies have many products just for that, but first you need to be absolutely sure that this is what you’re suffering from. Also, just like every drug, they can have side effects, so it would really be best to see a doctor first. Going to a new doctor can already be stressful, which is why I always try to ask my “old” doctor for an opinion about certain specialists — in this case it would be a proctologist. It could also help to see a general practitioner, one you perhaps know a little better, and talking to him or her about it. Then he or she can direct you to an appropriate specialist, or decide on which tests to run first.

April 10, 2020 Questions



Jak nie zwariować w domu? Kolejny dzień w zamknięciu, a końca nie widać…


How to not go nuts at home? Another day locked up and still counting…



I have a problem with my parents. They are too caring and they don’t allow me to do what I want. My mum always wants me to do exactly what she thinks will be good for me. She tries to control my life in every area, even interferes in my love life. Is it normal? How can I convince her what she is doing is wrong?


Mam problem z rodzicami. Są zbyt opiekuńczy i nie pozwalają mi robić tego czego chcę. Moja mama zawsze chce żebym robił(a) to, co uważa że będzie dla mnie dobre. Próbuje kontrolować moje życie w każdym aspekcie, nawet wtrąca się w moje sprawy sercowe. Czy to normalne? Jak mogę ją przekonać że to co robi jest złe?

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